Afghanistan wild snow leopard update

Wild snow leopard in remote Afghanistan. Photo by remote camera trap by WCS.

Wild snow leopard in remote Afghanistan. Photo by remote camera trap by WCS.

Great news from Afghanistan. For the second time in months the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has captured the elusive and rare snow leopard on film (with a camera trap) in the Sast Valley in Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor.  It is estimated only 100-200 snow leopards still survive in Afghanistan and the cat is protected under Afghanistan’s new endangered species list which was created recently and outlaws hunting it.

The WCS is hoping to establish a new protected area around the Wakhan Corridor which will help protect any remaining snow leopards as well as other endagered wildlife from the region.


4 Responses to Afghanistan wild snow leopard update

  1. Amber says:

    What a beautiful photo! It’s wonderful to see this snow leopard in it’s natural habitat. 🙂

  2. faisalsoofi says:

    clap clap ! great work WCS, can anyone tell me if this is a male or a female snowleopard. and have you determined the age of this particular cat?

  3. Sibylle says:

    it is great news isn’t it. I haven’t heard any more news about age or gender – I imagine it would be hard to tell just from a photo, but perhaps WCS has more info.

  4. […] week I recalled that in August last year the WCS found evidence of snow leopards in the region too. (Read blog post here.)So what is this Wakhan corridor and why is it still home to rare birds and snow leopards at a time […]

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