“Ghost of a chance” snow leopard painting

Michael Pape's "Ghost of a Chance."

I wanted to feature another excellent wild life artist, this time Canadian, Michael Pape. As a keen conservation supporter, Michael has created some magnificent works of art and through this work raised funds for organisations like the Canadian Endangered Species Fund, Ducks Unlimited Canada,  Snow Leopard Trust,  Amur (Siberian) Leopard, Tiger Conservation Program and the Halliburton Wolf Centre

His “Ghost of a Chance”, a serene work of a full prone snow leopard on soft white snow (see pic), won the 2009 Ducks Unlimited’s Canadian National Portfolio contest. Michael says of his works “my goal is to create fine art paintings that will touch the viewer in a way that will enrich their life through feeling, meaning and purpose.” See more on Michael’s website.

$100.00 from each of these Artist Proof Prints sold will go to The Snow Leopard Trust.

Michael Pape's "Solitary Watch."

Michael’s other work of a snow leopard, the enigmatic “Solitary Watch” is also for sale and again, part of the proceeds will go to the Trust.

Michael is also a signature member of the prestigious Artists for Conservation, whose goal is to bring awareness of animals and their environment through wildlife fine art.

What a beautiful way to help bring these and other animals to the attention of art lovers worldwide. And a generous way to support in their conservation. Well done, Michael.


2 Responses to “Ghost of a chance” snow leopard painting

  1. groksgroks says:

    are them painted originally?

  2. Sibylle says:

    yes they are originals painted by Michael, they sure are beautiful!

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