In the wild

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George Schaller with anesthetised snow leopard. Photo G. Schaller.

George Schaller with anesthetised snow leopard. Photo G. Schaller.

“The snow leopard might well serve as a symbol of man’s commitment to the future of the mountain world.”
“Stones of Silence – Journeys in the Himalaya” George Schaller, 1979.

“Will Pakistan’s mountains soon be deprived of snow leopard as the plains have already lost lion, tiger and cheetah? Legally all hunting is prohibited, as is the sale of pelts, but it is difficult to enforce laws in remote mountain tracts. Besides, snow leopard do prey on livestock, something a villager cannot be expected to tolerate unless he receives compensation.

In conservation both idealism and realism must be served. Because of all these problems it is too easy to leave the snow leopard to its fate. It survived the icy rigors of the Pleisctocene, when many other species vanished from our earth and it has so far survived the onslaught of man on its mountain realm. But I know the Chitral Gol does not feel its soft tread anymore and many other valleys too are deprived of its presence.

Imagine the peaks without the snow leopard. Though the cats can perhaps survive in zoos as relics of a better past it is a sad compromise. The mountains gave man soil, provided him with food and stored his water but he has taken almost everything, leaving the earth’s bones bare.” George Schaller, 1979.

George Schaller has spent decades as a field biologist studying snow leopards in many parts of Asia.

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6 Responses to In the wild

  1. faisalsoofi says:

    visited chitral gol sept.2008 and skardu to khunjerab pass april 2009, u can feel the silence of the stones…..

  2. Sibylle says:

    Lucky you…sounds very beautiful.

    Did you see any evidence of snow leopard?

  3. faisalsoofi says:

    well not the predator but the prey, an adult markhor from the wild with attack marks on hind quarters and lots of wild ibex, one with 38 inch trophy jumped in front of my car it was crossing over from slope on our left to a stream on our right. but on the way back i did accidently find one young female snowleopard but in a small cage am trying to do all i can to help….

  4. Sibylle says:

    exciting to see markhor..but snow leopard in a cage is not a good sight, hope you can help.

  5. faisalsoofi says:

    i promise u i will not rest till this one is happy. maybe i will send u some photos better than the ones i have got. hope to be with her next week. i did email WCS and called 3 times to ask for help but they have not responded yet, i guess they are busy elsewhere !!? all kind of support is welcome

  6. Sibylle says:

    Keep up the good work!! and yes, I’m sure WCS are busy but this is important. Would love to see some photos.

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