New “Saving Snow Leopards” Blog design soon

April 11, 2010

New "Saving Snow Leopards" blog will be launched soon. Here's a preview of the new banner.

After almost 20 months of blogging here on the “Saving Snow Leopards” blog I felt it was time for a redesign to make the site bigger and better. The visitor numbers have grown to around 350 per day, a number of couldn’t have dreamed of when I started.

I know Apple Mac has a lot to do with this. Two, three years ago many people I talked to about snow leopards said they didn’t realise it was a real animal, but now thanks the OS, and all the many snow leopard conservation projects out there, millions of people around the globe know more, and care more, about our favorite endangered cats. So time for a more flexible and professional blog theme and hopefully it’ll be launched over the next few weeks. (Fingers crossed, we all know how hard this techie stuff can be, especially for some-one as techie-illiterate as me. But I’ve got a couple of nice creative people helping me 🙂

Stay tuned for the new site soon. It’ll be on a professional theme, Thesis, by Chris Pearson.