September 23, 2009
Tidbits Managing editor Jeff Carlson and daughter as snow leopards

Tidbits Managing editor Jeff Carlson and daughter as snow leopards. Photo by Tidbits.

Doug MacLean, staff writer at Tidbits – “ Mac News for the rest of us” has written a great piece on how Apple and MAC OS X Snow Leopard users can help the endangered snow leopards that the OS was named after. A whole bunch of ideas for the company, retailers and users.

He also shows how Pacific Life supports its brand icon the humpback whale. Its a really motivating article. I’m sure it’ll do a lot to get people learning about the challenges facing the cat and perhaps even taking action. Well done Doug and also Tibits managing editor Jeff Carlson for joining snow leopards at Woodland Park Zoo.


Apple Mac OS X helps snow leopard conservation

September 20, 2009
Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Apple Mac  OS X Snow Leopard sweeps the world!

OS X users visiting this blog will be interested to learn why the snow leopard in the wild is a unique and endangered animal. (Find out why.)

We hope that Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard users who care about nature take time to learn about the real wild snow leopard and support one of the several conservation groups working to save this cat from extinction in the wild.

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Saving this flagship species will help save many other species sharing its habitat in some of the world’s most remote regions.

“This is a boon for wild snow leopards,” says Brad Rutherford, Executive Director of the Snow Leopard Trust, “Apple is helping to show the world the beauty and majesty of this rare creature.”

And the good news keeps coming with many Apple retailers in the US and other countries making donations and supporting the Snow Leopard Trust (Seattle) in different ways. Apparently hundreds of retailers will be involved. Well done Apple retailers!!  More info on how Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard is helping the Trust here.