Snow Leopard Blog is Editor’s Choice on BestGreenBlog

February 3, 2010

Exciting! We’ve been picked as Editor’s Choice on BestGreenBlog!

Check it out here.

Timothy Latz, Editor of Best Green Blogs describes his mission – “This is the web’s largest directory of green and sustainable themed weblogs. Writers from all over the world are publishing articles and stories dealing with a wide variety of topics dealing with environmental issues and green living; and Best Green Blogs is an attempt to capture some of that independent publishing spirit.”

Blogs selected for “Editor’s Choice” are chosen for quality of content, design and information provided and stand out in the style of writing, topics presented or overall presentation.

It’s been a joy and a learning curve to do this blog over the last 14 months. I’ve met heaps of dedicated people working to save snow leopards in the wild. My blog shares some of their stories, stories that my stats program tells me  are read by people in over 50 countries.

Obviously a lot of people out there interested in the fate of these cool cats. Together I know we can make a difference for snow leopards and the people sharing their remote and difficult habitat.


Snow leopard blog celebrates first birthday

October 5, 2009
Saving Snow Leopards Blog 1st birthday

Saving Snow Leopards Blog 1st birthday

This snow leopard blog is now one year old! It’s been an amazing year for me, learning about blogs, learning more and more about snow leopards and ‘meeting’ so many like minded snow leopard conservationists, zoo staff, snow leopard supporters, animal lovers, photographers, writers, artists etc. So many people who have dedicated their lives and their life’s work to these animals in one way or another.

Over this year the blog has had almost 25,000 visits and the countries where people have visited from are not only the US, UK, Australia, Europe but also include Iceland, Tunisia, Iran and many many more. I’m often still in awe of this fabulous technology, the internet, which enables us to cross physical and cultural boundaries across the globe and share stories about the things we care about in common.

There’s no doubt the launch of Apple Mac’s OS X Snow Leopard has also brought many people to this blog who would otherwise not have visited. Some of those I know came by accident thinking the blog is about the OS X, but I also know from emails that many of those ‘accidents’ ended up looking at snow leopard photos and learning about this gorgeous endangered animal. Thanks Apple for helping us spread the word.

To celebrate I’m going to make a recipe from each of the 12 snow leopard countries in central Asia and I will share them here on the blog over the next month. Enjoy 🙂